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Makeup Brush Cleaner
Aromatherapy Makeup Brush Cleaner

To spot clean with Aromatherapy Makeup Brush Cleaner, spray a tissue or paper towel with the product and gently swipe the bristles of the makeup brush along the portion of the towel dampened with the solution.

Once pigment/product is no longer on your makeup brush, swipe the bristles along the clean/dry portion of the paper until all residue and traces of pigmentation are removed from the fibers. The normal drying time for a spot-cleaned brush is approximately 5 to 10 minutes. If necessary you can shake the excess liquid out of the brush fibers to speed up the drying process. Avoid eye contact. 

To deep clean with Aromatherapy Makeup Brush Cleaner, start by submerging the fibers of the makeup brush up to the ferrule (the crimped metal sleeve that attaches the bristles to the handle) in a small Vessel (5 inch) lid or cup. Gently dip the brush in the mixture to reach the core of the bristles and quickly move to a paper towel to release pigment/product residue. Avoid stirring the brush in the cup. That will force the pigments out of the fibers into the mixture. You want the pigments to be released on the towel. Repeat process until all color is diminished. Once your makeup brushes are clean, remove the excess liquid by gently squeezing the bristles (never wring, twist or pull) with a paper towel. Reshape the makeup brush head to its original form and lay flat to dry, preferably over a counter ledge to facilitate equal drying on all sides. If necessary you can shake the excess liquid out of the brush fibers to speed up the drying process.

If properly done the approximate drying time for this procedure is  10 minutes

Please note: Never submerge the entire brush in any liquid.

Important Reshaping Tip: To reshape synthetic makeup brushes, simply dip them under extremely hot water. This will allow you to return the brush to its original shape. Squeeze or shake out any excess water and lay flat to dry.

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