Divinity Makeup Brush Set (25pcs)


Divinity makeup brush set is comprised of 21 stylishly handcrafted tools designed to empower makeup enthusiasts to face the future of beauty with the master collection. Create endless looks with this divine collection.

Please Note: Picture may vary from available styles. 21pcs available are clearly marked with * below.


In stock

Note: The image displayed may not represent the current available styles. The (ie,. 21pcs) is the actual brush count available matching the total $ amount.
AVAILABLE 21pcs are clearly marked with *



S120 The Diamond * S135 Contour Stylist * D255 Large Perfect Eyebrow *
S125 Oval Powder  S140 Highlight Stylist *  P345 Oval Concealer Brush *
S130 Rounded Blush D200 Bullet Brush *  P350 Cylinder Stylist *
S145 Perfect Contour D220 The Pencil *  P360 Stylist Illustrator *
S165 Large Eye Contour * D225 The Depositor *  P365 Stylist Designer *
S175 Eye Contour * D230 Brow Mini Definer *  P370 Stylist Lip Brush *
S185 Mini Eye Contour * D240 Fusion Brush *  P373 Extreme Eyeliner *
 S123 Diamond Stylist * D250 Perfect Eyebrow Mini *  P375 Stylist Eyeliner *
Weight 15.0 oz
Dimensions 10.0 × 6.0 × 4.0 in

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